Morgan Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

Morgan Journal of  Interdisciplinary Research Studies
Dr. Dipendra Bhandari, Campus Chief
Mr. Dambar Bahadur Hamal, Academic Director
Dr. Madan Shrestha, Academic Director

Bijay Lal Pradhan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Tribhuvan University,
Mr. Sanjeeb Sangroula,
Assistant Professor, Morgan International College

Ramananda Pandit, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor, Sunrise University India
Rajeshwori Malla-Pradhan, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Tribhuvan University
Shyam Sundhar Chaudhary, Ph.D. Sociologist, Researcher
Bimla Gurung, Ph.D. Sociologist, Researcher
Mr. Ghanashyam Khanal, Researcher
Mr. Balram Lamichhane, Administrator

Mr. Gibanath Neupane TUCL, NepJOL Section

Computer / IT Support
Mr. Navaraj Regmi
Aim and Scope
Morgan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research Studies (MJIRS) is a multidisciplinary; peer reviewed indexed journal published annually by Morgan International College, Tribhuvan University in the form of online and hard copy. The articles will be indexed in NepJol and Google Scholar.

Call for Papers
MJIRS welcomes and acknowledges high quality theoretical and empirical original research papers, case studies, review papers etc. from researchers, academicians, professionals, practitioners and students for its forthcoming issue.
Instructions for Authors
MJIRS is committed to following publication ethics standards which follow the COPE guidelines. We request all contributors adhere to the publishing ethics.
Please consider the following while submitting articles/papers:
● The submitted manuscript should be an original unpublished work, and is not under consideration elsewhere.
● The authors are encouraged to submit the file in Microsoft Word, Word Pad, Rich Text Format (RTF), or Open Office document format.
● Text should be in Times New Roman 1.5 space with 11-point font. The title should be in 12 and 10-point font for the Abstract & References.

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*Published by Morgan Internatinal College (table of content and Editorial)

Volume 1, Issue 1


downloadMorgan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
*Published by Morgan International College (table of content and Editorial)

downloadІmpaсt of Fοreіgn Dіreсt Іnvestment on the Eсοnοmіс Grοwth of Nepal
*Sangita Balami, Hem Chandra Dhakal, Dhan Raj Chalise and Bijay Lal Pradhan

downloadFemale School Teachers’ Knowledge Regarding Cervical Cancer
*Usha Thapa, Manisha Paudel and Rajeshwori Malla-Pradhan

downloadDepression, Anxiety and Stress of COVID-19 among Bachelor students in Health Science Colleges of Kathmandu
*Indu Kharel, Prabin Shrestha, Luna Maharjan, Ramananda Pandit,, Rajeshwori Malla-Pradhan, and Manish Paudel

downloadTracing the Roots of Modern Human Rights in Ancient Greek Thought
*Mallika Ramachandran

downloadSustainable Marketing Strategies and Financial Performance: A bibliometric Analysis with Web of Science database
*Kaneez Fatima Sadriwala, Zunaith Ahmed, Bijay Lal Pradhan, and Maruf Fatima Sadriwala

downloadInvestor's Preference and Awareness in Financial Instruments in Nepal
*Krishna Prasad Neupane, Hem Chandra Dhakal, and Dhurba Kumar Budhathoki

downloadConsumer Attitudes Toward An E – Mail Campaign to Durable Goods and Campaign Impact on Purchase Intention

downloadInternet Gaming Disorder among Health Science Students of Kathmandu Valley
*Luna Maharjan, Anup Adhikari, Dr. Ramanand Pandit, and Indu Kharel

downloadPhysicochemical and Microbial Quality of Drinking Water at Gorkha, Nepal
*Rajeshwori Malla Pradhan, Bijay Lal Pradhan, Lal Babu Lalkarna, and Rabikiran Shrestha

downloadPeople’s Perceptions and Experiences Regarding Nepal Health Insurance Program: Evidence of Bharatpur
*Shradhda Bista and Bijay Lal Pradhan

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