Department Head's Message

Ghanashyam Khanal

Head, Department of Economics, Morgan International College

Dear students, Welcome to the Department of Economics at Morgan International College! Though remained independent from its inception and endowed with abundant natural resources, a questions that constantly hits our head is; why we Nepalese are still tagged as 'poor citizens of a poor nation? Labelled similar some decades ago, why/how does our neighbors Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri-lanka took a pace of development? In 1980, the South Korean and Nepalese economies had equal status. How did Korea achieve this rapid growth? How did China, which was exhausted in economic terms at the end of the 1940s, become today's greatest economic power? How did Japan, a country that experienced the deepest destruction in World War II, become the world’s second-largest economy by 1968, and how is it still among today's greatest economic actors? Why has the Argentine economy, which was expected to boom in the early 1900s, been going nowhere fast for a century? Why does Greece constantly experience economic crises? The answers to the above questions lies in a quote: “Political and military victories, no matter how great they are, cannot be sustained without economic victories.” In this context, in an increasingly competitive global economy that has stepped into the era of artificial intelligence, it is ever more necessary to gain great economic victories. Economic successes and failures are among the most important factors determining the welfare and stability of nations. A strong economic environment will be the main instrument that will lead us to our national goals and enable us to gain great economic victories. Well-educated economists who can develop and implement accurate economic policies are needed more than ever to establish this environment. These policies can be optimized by developing artificial-intelligence-based approaches, through having a strong theoretical economic background and a researcher spirit. Knowing this, the aim of the Department of Economics at Morgan International College is twofold; first, to educate our students in the understanding of how the economy of the world works. Secondly, to advance knowledge in the field of economics and related fields and understand how this knowledge impacts the world.