Teaching Methodology and Evaluation

Teaching Methodology

Morgan adopts lecture and practical ways for delivery of teaching. Teaching is fully student-centered. Students are provided a level of information in classroom using modern technology like power point, audio-visuals as far as applicable. They are encouraged to enrich their theoretical knowledge by involving themselves in practical activities. All students are encouraged to spend a considerable amount of time on practical work such as research on the Internet, reading reference books, journals and e-journals related to the topic taught in the classroom. They are regularly given project works, group works, pair works and home assignments. All students are supposed to make presentation on the given topic.
The College has been using the following teaching methodology:

1. Class lectures 2. Practical exercises
3. Group discussions 4. Laboratory work
5. Project work 6. Presentation
7. Case studies 8. Seminars
9. Term papers 10. Outdoor leadership and team work practices

Career & Further Education

BIM program provides the students with manifold future prospects for advance studies and rewarding employment. A BIM graduate commands a vital role in the information management of any organization they are enrolled into. BIM also provides students with an understanding of the principles and operations of business, and the importance of the computer as a management tool through planning, control, and decision-making activities of the organization.

Furthermore, BIM graduates can find jobs in almost every work arena as Software Engineers, Programmers/Analysts, System designers, Network managers, web masters, e-Commerce programmers, Database Managers and Trainers/Instructors as well as business professional. On the other hand, the graduates aspiring for advanced education have significant advantages. Four years of study of the comprehensive syllabus helps them to get straight entry into the Master's Degree Program in any of the recognized universities worldwide and can transfer their credits to foreign universities.