BIM students are evaluated both by the college and the university. The college assesses the students’ performance throughout the semester and the evaluation is based on the following:

Attendance 10 marks

  • At least 80%attendance is must. Otherwise, he/she will not qualify for university exam.
  • Attendance above 80% and below 85% - 2 marks
  • Attendance above 85% and below 90% -5 marks
  • Attendance above 90%and below 95% -8 marks
  • Attendance above 95% -10 marks
Sickness and any other excuses will not be entertained.

Internal Assessment 40 marks

    Two internal examinations will be conducted as given in calendar as follows:
  • First term exam for 20 marks
  • End term exam for 20 marks

Assignments 20 marks

  • Preparation of note at the end of chapter under subject teacher's supervision.
  • Project and fieldwork assignment
  • Project report on prescribed form on the stipulated date.
  • Participation in group discussion and case studies.
  • Contribution to solve problems.

Presentations 10 marks

  • Should be prepared for presentation in any day and time as scheduled by the teacher.
  • Marking will be based on quality of power point, body language, style of presentation, quality of slides and alertness.

Discipline and Attitude 10 marks

  • Students are required to maintain the highest standard of discipline and affirmative attitude in both inside and outside the college.

Overall Impression 10 marks

  • Grooming, behavior and co-operation are the determining factors for overall impression.
Such internal evaluation constitutes 40 percent of the final grades while the semester exam conducted by the university at the end of the semester is worth the remaining 60 percent.