Course Outline

First semester Second semester
Fundamentals of Travel and Tourism Food & Beverage Service-II
Food and Beverage Service-I Food Production & Patisserie-II
Food Production and Patisserie-I Housekeeping-II
Housekeeping-I English for Hospitality-II
English for Hospitality-I Principles of Accounting
Principles of Management Nutrition
Third semester Fourth semester
Front Office Operation Front Office Management
Food and Beverage Service-III Food & Beverage Management-I
Food Production & Patisserie-III Food Production & Patisserie-IV
Hotel Accounting Economics for Tourism
FFood Science Hotel French-II
Hotel French-I Statistics
Fifth semester Sixth semester
Food Production & Patisserie-V Food Production and Patisserie-VI
Food & Beverage Management-II Food & Beverage Management-III
Computer Application Human Resource Management
Hospitality Law Hotel Engineering & Maintenance
Anthropology & Sociology of Tourism Hospitality Marketing
(a) Corporate Culture
(b) Strategic Business Manage
Research Methodology
Seventh semester Eighth semester
Industrial Training(Internship) Bar & Beverage Management
- Food & Beverage Cost Control
- Organizational Behaviour
- Thesis Writing
- Elective II
(a) Resorts planning and Management
(b) Airline Food Services Management